Recent Celeb Baby Names: Archie, Enzo, and More

Photo by Cafe Cynthia

As you all know by now, I'm obsessed with baby names -- that goes for celebrity baby names, too (that's not a celeb baby in the photo above, but she could be, don't you think?!).

Here's a quick look at what some stars have been naming their famous offspring lately.


Celebrity Baby Names Blog is a fun source for the latest name picks -- here are a few:

  • Adam Sandler and his wife picked Sunny for their second daughter -- she joins big sis Sadie.
  • SNL funny lady Amy Poehler and her hubby chose Archie for their first son.
  • Annabeth Gish went with Enzo for son #2 -- her first is named Cash.
  • Lisa Marie Presley chose Finley and Harper for her new twin baby girls.

RoseSi02 asked what moms thought of celebrity baby names over in Name Enthusiasts -- some moms were iffy on Gwen Stefani's choice of Zuma for her second child, but they liked Kingston. One mom said it was important to pick a name that has meaning for you, and Mary K. Moore, author of The Unexpected When You're Expecting, advised the same thing earlier in the week when we were talking about celebrity baby names -- go with the one that "fills your heart up when you say it."

What about you? What recent celebrity baby names do you really like? What else is on your current "I love it" list?

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