Cool, Unique Baby Names

Naming a child is an enormous responsibility and no small task. A friend of mine recently had a son with no name for close to a week because she and her husband simply could not agree.

Like my friend, my husband and I struggled with names for our children, but of all the things I feared, nothing was as scary to me as the idea that the name we chose would be trendy.

Scratch that.

Nothing was as frightening to me as the idea that my child would have a hipster name.

We were looking for the perfect balance between cool and interesting and traditional and unpretentious.


Pamela Redmond Satran is the founder of the website and she recently wrote a piece for the Daily Beast listing the top 100 baby names that are both unique and hip (without being hipster).

She found the names by sifting through Social Security from the 1880s on to try to strike that balance between unique and not too likely to catch on. In other words, names that were not Jennifer or Michael (from my generation) but also not Clementine or Kai (hipper-than-thou). What she came up with were these:

Top 10 Girl Names:

1. Amabel
2. Ambrosia
3. Augustina
4. Bellamy
5. Blanche
6. Branwen
7. Caia
8. Celestia
9. Cicely
10. Circe

Top 10 Boy Names:

1. Ahmet
2. Amias
3. Balthazar
4. Barnabas
5. Birch
6. Breccan
7. Brick
8. Calloway
9. Cashel
10. Casimir

I can officially say I would not have used any of these names, but would you? Do any of these appeal to you?



Image via NatalieMaynor/Flickr

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