How To Tell Your Unborn Baby's Gender

Pregnant With A BoyEveryone's heard the old wives' tale where you hang the necklace over the belly trick as a way to tell if you are having a boy or a girl. Oh? You haven't heard? Well, you hold the necklace over the mother's pregnant belly or the palm of her hand. If it swings in circles, it's a boy and if it swings from side to side, it's a girl.

When you are pregnant, you tend to hear a lot of the crazy gender determinators. And they are running rampant on the internet. I even took this online quiz and my results indicated I have a 50 percent chance of having a girl and 50 percent chance of having a boy. I could have told them that. Here are some others that are floating around.

  • Many believe that if you mix a tablespoon of Drano with your pee and it turns green it's a girl. If it turns blue it's a boy. Has anyone tried this?
  • Some say that girls steel their mother's beauty while they're in the womb. Many people believe that a woman's eyes are gone when they are having a girl. The mother temporarily gives up her looks so her daughter can have them.
  • If the mother's face is fuller, it's a girl. Basically, if you look chunky, buy some pink.
  • If the mother is carrying low and small, it's a boy. High and large, it's a girl.
  • I also heard that if you dream you having a girl, you are having a boy. But someone else told me that you dream about what you are having.

Basically, a lot of these indicate, if you are cute, it's a boy. If you're not so cute, it must be a girl. Hmmm. You could always just ask your OB/GYN. Anyone find any of these to hold true? Am I missing any?

Image via Eagan/Flickr

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