14-Year-Old Has Been Pregnant 3 Times Already


pregnantA 14-year-old has already been pregnant three times, and her 35-year-old boyfriend is finally headed to jail.

Just when you thought it couldn't get more disgusting than the dad who claimed he thought he was having sex with his wife when he impregnated an 11-year-old.

The girl's older, but somehow this story is just as chilling -- perhaps more so.

According to the Vancouver Sun, restaurant manager Mark Tyndale (not to be confused with the basketball player of the same name) struck up a relationship with the child in January 2007.

By April, it was sexual.

She went through not one, not two, but three pregnancies in a year and a half. The first she aborted, sparking a suicide attempt. No cops were called in to stop it.

The second she miscarried. Again, no cops.

Somehow the cops finally got wind of this some time before the third pregnancy -- although she still managed to BECOME pregnant (and give birth) before Tyndale was ordered away from her.

The court has acknowledged the girl claims to have been a willing participant in all of this, but sexual abuse charges stand against Tyndale because, ahem, she was under the age of consent in Canada. 

The fact that he's plead guilty removes all hemming and hawing on this. Someone -- her parents? -- allowed a 14-year-old to spend an inordinate amount of time with a man two and a half times her age.

And then no one threw up a red flag before pregnancy number three?

In the West Virginia case, as creepy as it was, at least things were addressed immediately -- they didn't wait for the girl to be impregnated three times over.

In this case, Mark Tyndale may be the main transgressor. But it looks like someone else should be slapped with some child endangerment charges of their own.

How does something like this happen?


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nonmember avatar Lilly

In my neighborhood this type of behavior is common.

Momma... MommaSiete

That's disgusting. Her parents should of done a better job watching over her too!

Nycti... Nyctimene

Unfortunately I have to say that the girls often are the instigators and most vehement defenders of their relationship. I'm on another message board purely for young women, used by thousands of such young women each day, and I've tried to talk so many girls of that same age (12-15) out of relationships with vastly older men. You would not believe the nasty responses and fire that these girls reply with and how completely and absolutely they insist that these men love them for their [alleged] maturity, intelligence and so forth.

Should the parents have intervened as soon as he came around? Absolutely! But (and I'm in no way saying this as an 'out') there's not much you can do. The police can't arrest somebody just for talking to (or even flirting with) someone underage. So the 'offender' will still be around in the neighborhood and you've just made him taboo fruit. If your child is insistent on the relationship, they'll find ways around it. Some parents I suppose see that and have the (likely naive) hope that they can at least supervise the relationship if they begrudingly 'allow' it.

There needs to be more discussion between parents and their daughters about why dating someone (in my view) even more than two years your age when you're that young is inappropriate. When you're an adult, you can do what you want, but when you're 13 or 14 and trying to date a 17 or 18 year old, or worse someone in their 20s, it's wrong regardless of how 'nice' he seems.

Patrick James Brian Farley

" Most states require parental consent for a girl this young and I would assume where ever she lived was similiar."

This was in Canada.  Might just have different laws.

And hello, has anyone here been a teenaged girl?  I was, once upon a time (and not in a Johnny Weir way--I'm transgender so I was a teenaged girl).

If they want to do something (or someone!) they will sneak around, lie, defy rules, etc.  Maybe the parents tried to prevent her from seeing him.  Maybe they never knew.  And maybe they are as much to blame as the guy and their daughter.


lilah... lilahsmommie

I dont know how these things happen. I am glad that the "man" is in jail.

LadyDee Boyer

tha biggezt ? I HAVE to azk out loud and az much az pozzible, iz, WTF!!, AN WHERE TF whurrr tha parentz during thiz time???? I am 37 yrz old, I have three teenage gurlz, 15 15 an 17 that I'd b watching like a hawk 24/7 at home,and EZPECIALLY online. there iz no excuze for thiz. an I TRUELY believe that tha parentz of theze kidz should b charged with at leazt criminal neglect or sumthing for allowin thiz to happen, whether too buzy or wat eva bs reazon or excuze thay give or not only NOT knowing about thiz guy,tha phone,them meetin',or even talk'n or communicating. young gurlz are very eazily manipulated by older malez, an even femalez into doin' very inappropriate thangz that can never b erazed from their brainz an that almozt 100 percent of tha time cauze permaneant long lazting lifelong problems, an I dun juz mean that bs about 'scared for any loving relationship', I mean mezz theze kid'z headz up so bad thay no longer have self worth an no longer want to live an therefore, find a way not too.......pay attention to ur kidz, PLEAZE....be that pain in tha azz parent that azkz that extra,an takez tha time to find out exactly what their kidz are up too,both AT HOME an away from home............

Jinny Plenty

I think Im having a panic attack that is going into a fatal heart attack...PIG/GROSS/ everyone involved should be shot at dawn, tortured first. And that girl should be made to have her tubes tied, baby put up for adoption and mandatory counseling everyday of the week, indefinitely ....

Droya... Droyal14u

THREE TIMES? REALLY? What the h*ll!!! Why not after the FIRST pregnancy? Wouldn't the parents have noticed that she wasn't at home very much? Why didn't they monitor her whereabouts a bit more effectively, especially after the 1st pregnancy that sparked a SUICIDE attempt! Wow...unbelievable!

Anne Fisher

Well, for one thing... If the abortion facility had been required to report the abortion to the parents, like many people would like to see happen here, then they would have known about this creep. Instead, she gets suicidal about having the abortion. Kinda makes me think the anti-abortion people have some good points on this subject.

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