Want to Hit the Baby Jackpot? Plan to Have Sex This Many Times...

I have never tried to make a baby. With both my kids, it seemed like my husband and I talked about trying and the next thing I knew, we were pregnant.

This is why I now have an IUD.

This is not normal, I've just learned, thanks to a British study that measured the average number of times most couples have sex before becoming pregnant.

That number?



The study found that two-thirds of women were like us and that it happened much faster for them than they expected. But for the rest, "trying" to have a baby was a six-month process full of ovulation testing and sex four times a week for a total of 104 times.

My husband would be so envious.

He often laments the fact that we never got the "fun" of trying. He never got the noon booty call at work and we never had tons of loud sex in strange positions trying to keep the sperm inside. We never had to since I can actually remember the two encounters in which our children were conceived. Each one. And no, I don't plan to tell them about that.

I am grateful that we never had the stress of infertility, but I get what he's saying.

Lately, the talk of a third child has heated up in our house and the one thing most convincing my husband to pull the goalie?

The prospect of 104 rolls in the hay.

How many times do you think it took you?


Image via Sasha Brown-Worsham

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