Samantha Harris & Jesse Csincsak Hop on the ABC Baby Bandwagon


Don't drink the water over at ABC TV, unless you're ready to sport a baby bump. Both Jesse Csincsak of Bachelorette fame and Samantha Harris, former co-host of Dancing With the Stars, are expecting youngins -- not together!

This is Harris' second baby with husband Michael Hess. The couple has a daughter, Josselyn, who was born in September 2007.

Meanwhile, Jesse Csincsak, who was chosen by DeAnna Pappas during her season of The Bachelorette, announced that his soon-to-be wife, Ann Lueders, is pregnant with their first child. Csincsak and Pappas announced their engagement was off a few months after the last show aired. My best guess as to the reason is that his name was entirely too hard to say (and spell).

Nevertheless, congrats to the happy couple(s)!

Csincsak's baby will join the growing Bachelor baby boom. In the last few years, the following former contestants have had babies:

  • Trista and Ryan Sutter: Yeah, yeah, we know. They are The Bachelor's one success story and they trot them out every few episodes just to make sure that the 7-year run has had at least one couple not break it off.
  • Melissa Rycroft: She had her heart ripped in two very publicly when Bachelor Jason Mesnick dumped her, but she more than got her groove back when she went on Dancing With the Stars, got married, and announced her pregnancy. Go Melissa! 
  • Jen Schefft: She may have won Andrew Firestone's heart on his season of The Bachelor, but she really heated up the screen during her season of The Bachelorette. Nevertheless, the PR executive did not really find love until after the show, with trader Joe Waterman. The two announced their pregnancy in May.
  • Andrew Firestone: Though he and Jen broke off their engagement, the former Bachelor did find love later with model Ivana Bozilovic and the two now have a 1-year-old son.

That's a lot of ABC baby-making!

What do you think is in the water over there?


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nonmember avatar Carol

Um, I know you're trying for "drama", but little Miss Melissa didn't have her heart "torn in two." On the contrary, she was seeing her now husband before the After the Final Rose episode. She was paid a lot of $$$ by ABC to come on and "act hurt." Admitted in the 20/20 special that after they left New Zealand on the bach, she didn't want anything to do with Jason Mesnick. She's a fake and a fraud.

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