Do You Know Your Conception Date?

pregnancy testI have no idea when my daughter was conceived.

I mean, I have a general idea. Some time in August -- hence her June birth.

But only six months into our trying to conceive journey, we never reached the "chart every waking moment" and write down EVERYTHING stage.

Which somehow makes me a bit of a freak among certain circles.

The type where women pull the sort of face that makes you consider grabbing your child and running. Looking at you aghast, they ask, "What do you mean you don't know when she was conceived?"


It's the tone that makes it clear they don't think you actually deserve your child with that type of attitude about pertinent details (just make UP an APGAR score when they ask -- for the love of God, don't give them any more ammunition).

To be fair, I recognize how supremely lucky I am.

I have seen friends struggle with infertility. It only took me six months to be in the family way.

But we spent a LOT of time trying if you know what I mean (wink, wink, nudge, nudge, of course you do). And it could have been any one of those times that gave us our crazy monkey beautiful baby girl.

There were a number of times in those six months when I thought it WAS the time ... only to come out with one line on the pee stick, and my heart a little heavier. When I actually got pregnant, I was still into trying, but I was already afraid of jinxing myself with a little too much excitement.

Unless you were using some sort of medical intervention, I'm curious how so many women claim they know the exact day they conceived.

Are you having sex that rarely? Or did I miss out on some sort of trigger in my body that was supposed to let me know that "this time was THE time"?

Do you know the day you conceived?


Image via love♡janine/Flickr

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