Awkward Pregnancy Photos; Do Yours Qualify?

awkward pregnancy photoPregnancy portraits have become nearly de rigueur for mothers-to-be these days. You're glowing; you're ripe; you want to capture the intense beauty of the experience for your family to gaze at forever after. Just remember, you're also hormonal and perhaps not making the wisest of choices.

Enter Awkward Pregnancy Photos.

BuzzFeed ran a selection of them recently from a poster named RAN who encountered some on Facebook. His comment: "Is this really a new trend? God, I hope not."

Well, RAN, you're going to be sorely disappointed, because there are plenty more like this one out there that are FAR more awkward.


You've probably seen the site by now (if not, check it out and be endlessly entertained). Well, they have a whole section devoted to awkward pregnancy photos.

Here's are a few of my favorites.

awkward pregnancy photoA tire? Seriously? I have no words.

awkward pregnancy photo

Is she considering jumping?

awkward pregnancy photo

Watermelon? Gun? So many questions, I can't even begin.

Don't get me wrong, I've seen some gorgeous pregnancy portraits too. They weren't my thing, but as long as the parents-to-be like them, then it's their business ... unless, of course, someone submits them to a site like this.

Have you had pregnancy portraits taken? Would any of yours make this site?

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