Does Pregnant Sex Make You Feel Guilty?

Pregnant Woman Looking Up

Remember when you were a teenager and you thought that if you hooked up with a guy, some mystery person was somehow invisibly floating in your vicinity judging you and your every move? Maybe it was a dead grandmother or your guardian angel? Luckily, most of us grew out of that and realized that it was just masked guilt projected on us from parents, teachers, and society's expectations of us.

Well, having pregnant sex can be very similar to that old feeling -- except that there is an actual person. A person who is, in fact, physically floating inside your real life body. Am I the only one who is worried about what my kid is thinking when I'm having pregnant sex?


Logically, I realize that it's perfectly healthy to have sex while pregnant. BUT -- it's hard not to wonder if I'm damaging my kid.

I do sometimes feel guilty. In most cases it's safe to have sex while you're pregnant. But, it sort of feels like someone is watching me. Not in an Eyes Wide Shut way, but in a judgy, not so sexy way.

Did my parents have pregnant sex with me? It's gross to think of my parents getting off while I was inside my mom. In fact, I might have died a little bit when I just thought of that. Will my kid subconsciously know that I did it, too? Who knows? Is this disgusting? Sort of. Will he one day wonder? If he's a future dad having sex with his pregnant girlfriend, probably.


I try to tell myself that me having pregnant sex is great for my kid. He'll feel free and liberated and know how to take the edge off. Sex is natural and wonderful and empowering, right? Maybe this will have no effect on him whatsoever. But, seriously, it does freak me out.

Does pregnant sex worry you?


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