10 Ways Being Pregnant Is Like Being Hungover


Does your husband ever ask you what it's like to be pregnant? How about friends? Are the in-laws wondering how you are feeling? Now you have your answer: It's just like being hungover.

Have you ever woken up after an idiotic night out of heavy drinking and maybe a few cigarettes? Being pregnant makes me feel just like that. And I've got 10 examples to prove it.


1. You wake up in the morning and wonder to yourself, "Why on earth did I sleep with that guy?" He may be your husband, but you still question why you did it.

2. Everything you smell makes you want to puke. Except for fried things and cheese, of course.

3. Somehow you trick yourself into thinking that eating fried food and lots of cheese will actually make you feel better.

4. The thought of drinking, especially in the first trimester, grosses you out in a way that you never thought it could.

5. It feels like you are the most out of shape person on earth. You are winded after walking up five stairs. But, that still doesn't motivate you to go to the gym.

6. Your memory sucks.

7. You don't want to have sex because you feel so disgusting. Wait. Maybe you do, because it might cure you.

8. Elastic waistband pants only, please.

9. You're so thirsty. You drink an entire gallon of water, four Gatorades and a seltzer and you still have cotton mouth.

10. You are fine with watching a VH1 dating show marathon featuring a D-list celebrity you don't care about. You'll even admit it. The remote is just too far away.

Can you relate?


Image via Perfecto Insecto/Flickr

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