Think You Can't Get Pregnant on the Pill? While Breastfeeding? Think Again

I'd hope that we're all smart, grownup women and passed sex ed class. But anyone who's been part of a raunchy and funny sex talk with friends has probably heard a ridiculous amount of misinformation that's out there.

This piece on Your Tango talks about the "Nine Awesomest Myths About Pregnancy." It's kind of funny, but a little juvenile ... and if you're actually someone who's experienced a surprise pregnancy, it's even funnier because I personally know at least two babies conceived in ways that supposedly can't get you knocked up.


The biggest myth? That breastfeeding means you won't get pregnant. I know at least one child conceived while his mom was still nursing on demand and more conceived while their mom was breastfeeding ... exclusively. I get kind of irritated by the people who claim that it's a method of birth control, because I know more than one mom who has a baby they very much love and absolutely wanted, but didn't exactly plan for. A good rule is to assume that your cycles are going to be wacko for quite awhile after giving birth, breastfeeding or no, and pregnancy is always a possibility. If you're okay with that, fine; if not, wrap that rascal.

A few more I thought were funny and know not to be true: Withdrawal works as a birth control method (nope), you can't get pregnant if you're on top (how many of us have adorable little proof that that's not true?), and the Pill is 100 percent effective. Hahaha.

Did you get fooled by any pregnancy myths?

Image via Nate Griggs/Flickr

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