Pregnant Minnesota Teen Cries Rape & Other Big Lies

A pregnant teenager in Minneapolis told her parents (and the police) that she had been raped by a panhandler in order to avoid telling them that she was pregnant via consensual sex with her boyfriend.

The girl, now 15, told police in late May that she was raped in April, but that she had not reported it because she was "afraid."

The initial report prompted a crime alert and much concern in the area for what turned out to be a dumb lie.

The moral of this story is that, to this girl, saying she was raped was somehow preferable to admitting that she was pregnant.

Does that seem crazy to anyone else?


I'm trying to imagine, as her parent, how I would feel about all this. I imagine I would be pretty peeved, especially at the fact that I raised a child who not only has premarital sex at 14, but who is also a raging liar who accuses innocent people of rape and puts a whole city on alert.

I get that it must be hard to tell your parents you're pregnant when you're that young. And maybe there are extenuating circumstances that made her family particularly difficult, but come on.

Let's hope this girl thinks good and hard before keeping this baby since it sounds to me like she is in no way ready for parenthood. And now this girl joins the ranks of other giant liars like:

Susan Smith:

In 1994, mother Susan Smith claimed a "black man" had stolen her car with her babies in it. A major manhunt ensued, but guess what? She made it all up to cover for murdering her children by sinking her car with the boys still strapped in it.

Jennifer Wilbanks:

In 2005, this bride-to-be ran away from her home, called her fiance, and claimed she had been kidnapped, all in an attempt to avoid the wedding. A national manhunt ensued before she gave herself up and admitted the lie.

Balloon boy:

Anyone remember this? In 2009, the parents of Falcon Heene, 6, said he accidentally floated away in the family's weather balloon. It made national news and everyone was terrified ... until it was revealed that the family was just hoping to get famous and the boy had been hiding all along.

Charles Stuart:

Boston man who said a "black man" shot and killed his pregnant wife. Turns out he was guilty, but he jumped off the Tobin Bridge before he could be brought to justice.

Why all the lies? What is wrong with people?


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