7 Months Pregnant and Bar Refused to Serve Her Booze

Pregnant Women No Drinking Sign

My 7 months pregnant friend visited New Orleans on a babymoon with her husband. It was supposed to be their last hurrah before entering parenthood and all the responsibilities that come with it. Like many other pregnant women today, she believes that a few glasses of wine a week is just fine. After a long day of tourist attractions, they sat down in a quiet, casual restaurant. She ordered a Chardonnay. The waitress's response: "We don't serve pregnant women here."

Is this OK?


When she told me this, I couldn't believe it. What gives that server the right to refuse a grown woman alcohol? It's her body.

Some may argue that there is an innocent life at stake. In this case, her unborn baby can't speak for itself. But what about mothers who feed their obese children fast food? Or let them buy violent video games? Is anyone refusing them service? It's not like my friend was drunk. She wanted one glass of wine.

It seems that when women are pregnant, they become public property. I'm not condoning pregnant women getting drunk, but I don't think that waitress should be allowed to make that decision for anyone but herself.

Am I alone here?

Image via Remko van Dokkum/Flickr

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