Want to Get Pregnant? Hit Craigslist

CraigslistProving once and for all that you can find anything your little heart desires on Craigslist -- the stranger, the better -- there's a guy offering his services as a sperm donor on the site.

And get this: He's smart ... but he isn't exactly the best speller.


A man who put up a listing under the personals as a "man seeking woman" gets right to the point:

"Want a child of your own? Having trouble getting pregnant? - 34 (Beaverton)"

The Portland/Washington County area man promises he's ...

"clean and D/D free, smart, good looking and a good famliy [sic] medical history.

Having trouble getting pregnant or just want a child of your own? I'm ready to help. We'd be very discreet, no one needs to know. I don't need to be any part of it after you are pregnant if you like."

If it sounds like he's a nutty mc nut nut, consider this: He's not the only one. A new listing popped up just this week in San Diego offering pretty much the same service.

Only he goes so far as to announce, "I'm not offering thrilling risky sex, just pregnancy."

And there are people out there actually considering using Craigslist to support their baby-making dreams.

Take this mom on an attachment parenting community post, who flat-out asks, "Would I be insane to consider using a Sperm Donor I found on Craigslist?"

She's been trying to conceive since 2005, has had two miscarriages, was denied an adoption, and has two foster kids. To say she wants to be a mother is an understatement.

But ladies, there is a better way.

It's called the fertility clinic. Where they can hook you up with sperm that has been tested for diseases. And where a reputable professional will ensure you don't get raped in a back alley with a knife to your neck.

A sperm donor giving it away for free on Craigslist might sound like the easy route. But it sounds like it's ripe for complications.


Image via Craigslist

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