Try Again Right Away After a Miscarriage

gloomyI was lucky enough to never lose a pregnancy to miscarriage, but I can only imagine the sorrow and disappointment such a loss must cause. I'm, sadly, in the minority among my friends in not having had one. We're also all at an age that when to try again was a real concern, with the clock ticking and all.

A new study suggests that it's actually better to start again right away than to wait too long. That contrasts with previous recommendations to wait at least six months, and really contradicts some doctors who recommend waiting at least 18 months. And that's great news for people who want to get right back on the path to building their families.


Conceiving within six months of miscarrying provided the best chance for a healthy pregnancy, while waiting two years upped the risk for ectopic pregnancy and another miscarriage. In even better news, it didn't matter whether the miscarriage happened earlier or later in pregnancy; conceiving within six months made for better outcomes.

In most cases, couples can start trying again as soon as they feel ready. That might be right away for you, or you might want to take some time, but in any case, there's no reason to worry if you end up getting pregnant again right away.

What are your thoughts on when to try again?


Image via Hamed Saber/Flickr

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