Penny Lancaster Will Make Rod Stewart a Dad ... for the 8th Time

Rod Stewart appears to be taking his song "Forever Young" a bit seriously these days judging from his wife's blooming belly. Penny Lancaster -- 65-year-old Rod's 39-year-old wife -- is gestating the rocker's eight child.

One kid gets old, bam! Another takes its place.

For those counting, Stewart's brood now spans more than two generations. His eldest, daughter Sarah Streeter, 46, was conceived when Stewart was 18, and was put up for adoption. His children Kimberly, 30, and Sean, 29, were conceived with first wife, Alana Hamilton Stewart. His daughter, Ruby, 23, is from his relationship with former model Kelly Emberg. And his second wife, model Rachel Hunter (aka "Stacy's Mom") gave him Renee, 18, and Liam, 15.

That's a lot of babies!


The funny thing is, I think I have been channeling a bit of old Rod myself in the past few weeks. My baby turned 2 on August 2, and seeing him start to talk and run and express his opinions (loudly!) has made me miss having a little infant around.

I find motherhood challenging, but that doesn't mean I don't love having a little baby to cuddle and hold. Besides, I also think a large family is nice. Those families with three or more children always seemed to be having more fun than mine.

Rod also probably has a gaggle of help (and plenty of baby mamas), so I think three will be plenty for this mama (and only one daddy), but thanks Rod for the inspiration! 

What do you think of Rod's ever-expanding brood?


Image via ManojVasanth/Flickr

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