'The Price Is Right' Producer Says Miscarriage Is Nature's Way of Getting Rid of a Bad Baby: Is Accuser Lying?

The Price Is Right may seem like the ideal environment for pregnant women with its form-fitting uniforms, spackle-thick makeup, shellacked hair, and six-inch stilettos, but as perfect as it seems (yeah, right), Brandi Cochran -- a former model -- says it was not.

Brandi is suing the show for discrimination after becoming so stressed that she miscarried her baby in 2007. To cement their reputation as heartless and evil, Brandi says a producer told her, "It's nature's way of getting rid of a bad baby."



A year later, she was pregnant again, and after reacting terribly to the news that she was expecting twins, a producer (a different one?) called her a "wide load" when she entered a room.

The story could be false. But if not, I can't really imagine a much more humiliating position. Her whole career was based on looks and then when she is at her most vulnerable point, these producers make her feel even worse.

Of course, all pregnant women have been victims of the occasional drive-by insult. Who hasn't heard, "Wow! You are huge!" or "Wow! You are tiny!" at least once during their pregnancy?

I liked to keep a stock answer or two on hand for those moments.

Wow! You are so tiny! Is your baby growing?

Nope. I am going for the bonsai baby look. You know, it's so in right now.

OMG. You must be having triplets!

Yep. My husband and I are very efficient and just wanted to get it all over with. I consulted with Octomom's doctor. He rocks.

You are going to get so stretched out.

Totally. Wanna hear about the way I am prepping my vagina for birth?

Obviously at work this isn't always appropriate, but really, people need to know what to say and what not to say to pregnant women. And this goes double for what people are willing to say to parents. Just wait until they approach you at the park to tell you your baby is freezing and needs a sweater and how can you feed him that sugary drink and haven't you lost that baby weight yet?


What are some of your favorite comebacks?


Image via dno1967/Flickr

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