Beyond Bella and Edward: The 10 Best Vampire Baby Names (Even if Michael Buble Doesn't Like Them)

TwilightMichael Buble has made it clear that when it comes to his future children, they will not be given vampire-inspired names, even though his fiance, Luisana Loreley Lopilato de la Torre, is drawn to them.

"I think [Lopilato] wants me to name the kids after the Twilight characters, which is not going to happen," Buble recently told Entertainment Tonight Canada.

Buble is one of the seemingly few, however, as more and more Americans are naming their kids after vampires from shows like Twilight, The Vampire Diaries, and True Blood.

I'm not a big vampire fan, but if I had to name my child after one, here are 10 of the best ... beyond Bella and Edward.



1. Sookie (True Blood) Cute, unusual, and just so perky.

2. Elena (The Vampire Diaries) Feminine and familiar without being too common.

3. Alice (Twilight) Classic and cute, this was high on my list of girls' names before I even knew there was one in Twilight.

4. Esme (Twilight) I like this name in its entirety, but can also think of lots of great nicknames that could stem from it, like Emmy.

5. Caroline (True Blood) Another great classic name, and if you someday move beyond your vampire fascination, you can always credit Neil Diamond for inspiration instead. "Sweet Caroline ... "


1. Hoyt (True Blood) Unusual without sounding made-up.

2. Stefan (The Vampire Diaries) Slightly exotic and sophisticated.

3. Billy (Twilight) I'm slightly prejudiced on this one as my brother's name is Billy. I'm the only one who doesn't call him "Bill," but I've always loved the boyish ring with the extra "y."

4. Sam (The Vampire Diaries) A strong name that sounds good for a baby or a grown man. I also love it for a girl!

5. Emmett (Twilight) A great name underused for too long, I say. It's also a nice option for a middle name as it seems to go well with a lot of other names. Hoyt Emmett, anyone?

What are you favorite vampire-inspired names?

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