5 Baby Name Don'ts for Number Two

no nameThe second baby should be easier to name than the first.

You've got the obligatory family name out of the way. You've recovered from any fights over the first name (at least your sex life has). And you've already got all the baby name books on file.

But naming number two has its own set of pitfalls. The name can't be too matchy matchy.

Don't want to torture your child?

DON'T pick any of these:


1. Rhyming Names. Sheri and Terry. Jonah and Mona. Owen and Rowan. Classmates will find them hysterical. And start finding other (not so complimentary) rhymes.

If You Liked This Idea: Go for approximate rhymes that won't jump out to kids on the playground like Charlie and Callie.

2. Obvious Literary Siblings. Jack and Jill. Ramona and Beatrice. Your kids don't need to hear books and nursery rhymes quoted at them ad infinitum.

If You Liked This Idea: Go for less obvious links or investigate the lives of your favorite author. Holden Caulfield's sister was Viola. The Bronte sisters are Emily, Charlotte, and Anne.

3. Derived Names. Alex and Alexis. Samuel and Samantha. Give the kids their own names; they'll appreciate it.

If You Liked This Idea: Pick one initial for your kids to share like Ava and Alex.

4. Theme Names. April and May. Hope and Joy. If you make the connection, other people will too -- and not in the nice way.

If You Liked This Idea: Broaden your theme. Daisy and Forest are both outdoor-themed, but they're not both flowers. Find another name from the same language. Rowan and Dylan are both Irish.

5. The Same Name. George Foreman and George Foreman and George Foreman. Sean and Shawn. Can you say confusing?

If You Liked This Idea: Please return to kindergarten and re-learn the part about imagination.

Are you having trouble naming number two?

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