Pregnancy Makes You WHAT? The Symptoms No One Likes to Talk About


pregnancy testPregnancy is full of surprises, some nice (my hair and nails have never been so gorgeous)  and some not so (my skin broke out like a teenager's all of first trimester). Although there's tons of information available to us from friends, books, and excellent websites like this one, there's always something that takes you by surprise.

I came across this list of "Top 10 Things they really should warn you about before you get pregnant" and alternatively laughed in recognition and thanked the skies above I never have to deal with this stuff again. Not all of these happen to everyone, of course, and I'm sure certain perfect people never have to deal with any of them. And I hate to tell you this if you're currently pregnant, but they missed a couple.

Here's their list:

1) Facial hair;

2) Constipation;

3) Gas, oh the gas;

4) Drooling;

5) Burping;

6) Inability to groom, um, down there;

7) Discharge;

8) Those ungroomed lady bits can hurt;

9) Uncontrollable pee dribbles;

10) Not only is it untrimmed and painful, your vagina can actually swell and grow.

Yes, pregnancy is such a beautiful time, isn't it? Glahh. I'd add a couple more to the list.

I had terrible insomnia during much of my second trimester and into my third with my first pregnancy, and during first trimester with my second. My husband tells of coming downstairs bleary-eyed at 6:30 only to find me perkily working away at some project, blabbering "Coffee's ready I couldn't sleep so I made muffins and I weeded the garden and did a load of laundry your blue pants are clean and I'm making a grocery list maybe we should have our friends over for dinner?" only to be completely crashed out by noon. When I relayed this to friends they all had had similar experiences and yet it wasn't in any pregnancy book.

Also, with my second the baby dropped and my pelvic area started loosening up much earlier, which meant getting anywhere fast for about the last two weeks was out of the question. I remember one day mere days before my son was born when I made my daughter a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. Which started to burn, and continued to fill the kitchen with acrid black smoke as I made my pathetic attempt to run and save it ... and by run, I mean more "lurching shuffle at snail speed." I couldn't help but laugh.

What was your most surprising pregnancy symptom?

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kelli... kelli0585

Yeah, drooling!  I forgot about that.

For myself, I got over morning sickness by the second trimester.  However, throughout my entire pregnancy I threw up EVERY DAMN TIME I brushed my teeth.  Oh.  And the bleeding gums.  It was a battlefield in the sink every morning and evening. 

MissF... MissForth

My gag reflex was so strong in the last few months. I had to keep something in the car to drink if I was driving myself. Forgot a few times though and came very close to hurling in my passenger seat. lol

kelli... kelli0585

My most surprising post-partum symptom was itching skin all over.  I don't know what it was (it wasn't PUPPP, because there was no rash) or why it was happening postpartum, but I was literally tortured!  I couldn't get any relief, and the doctors weren't very helpful. 

TLParker TLParker

Heartburn was horrific for me during my entire pregnancy. Also, I developed sciatica due to my lovely baby sitting on my sciatic nerve and causing to to pinch. I would get up (especially at night) and it would cause my legs to just go out. You could only imagine how scared I was!

CherB... CherBearCM

Near the end of my pregnancy it was like i had sleep apnea... I'd wake up struggling for breath sometimes.

Restless leg syndrome which came about with my first born and I got it off and on for years and then with my 2nd pregnancy 12 years later it got really bad again. 

Also with my first she was sitting on a nerve which would cause me to faint if I lay on my back for any amount of time.   Found out the first time I had the ultrasound.  Then when I tried to tell the nurse about it when they were using the fetal monitor she didn't believe me and said it was anxiety and held me down and low and behold I passed out.  Then she got really annoyed because she had to find a different position for me to be in so that the monitor would work.  LOL

sstepph sstepph

Oh the drooling! and gas! lol. My favorite was when I was pregnant my son dropped early and made it hard to walk at times, and I would be walking the halls at work I was a nurse, and I'd have the walking farts.. luckily they werent loud but oh man.  I had terrible headaches as well luckily that only lasted til12 weeks!

nonmember avatar Meg

right now i get to suffer from heartburn right before i go to bed. so i drink a glass of milk to ease it but then i wake up at three in the morning and have to go to the bathroom immediately. the ultrasound technician was way to amused when she saw my little girl kicking me in the bladder constantly.

hotic... hoticedcoffee

I was completely unable to tolerate the flavor of any 'adult' toothpaste - I had to switch to some bubble-gum flavored kids' stuff - I spent 7 months feeling like I hadn't brushed my teeth in days. 

I was also totally freaked out about how fast the hair down there would grow.  I'm generally meticulous about keeping things tidy, but I just couldn't do it during the 3rd trimester.  I was worried that I'd show up for delivery with crotch dreads.


my first pregnancy was almost perfect..but my my first trimester i had terrible bloat and gas (especially at night)..always the upset bubble my vagina ached and swelled when i put a mirror down there i almost

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