Michelle & Jim Bob Duggar Considering 20th Child


Michelle & Jim Bob Dugger with Josie
Michelle & Jim Bob Dugger with Josie
If you listen closely, you can hear Michelle Duggar's uterus screaming for mercy all the way from Arkansas. After 19 kids, reality TV stars Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar aren't quite ready to stop procreating.

Super-mom Michelle told RadarOnline earlier this week:

"That would be wonderful! We would love another person to add to our family. We will wait and see and take it one at a time."

The season premiere of 19 Kids and Counting aired last night on TLC and showed the homecoming of baby number 19, Josie, who was born in late December three months premature.

So, how's Josie doing seven months after her birth?

In last night's episode, we see Michelle saying an emotional good-bye to the hospital staff in the NICU who have been caring for Josie. Josie still needs supplemental oxygen to ensure her oxygen stays at a certain level and wears a heart monitor. Michelle wonders how Josie will adjust to a world that's not full of beeping machines and bright lights. It was an emotional farewell, then homecoming. Maybe I even shed a tear.

Josie is still tiny -- only weighing 11 pounds, 1 ounce -- less than my sumo wrestler of son weighed at birth. But, she's smiling, cooing, and developing well.

Despite my personal misgivings about the Duggars wanting to have more kids, I'm happy to see Josie is doing well and we know that she'll grow up in a large, loving family.

Do you think the Duggars are crazy to want a 20th child?

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sstepph sstepph

They are very loving parents & family. And if God wants them to have a 20th child, it will happen. Me, personally, would be so scared knowing what they had to go through with Josie to try for another..

crzymmy5 crzymmy5

I don't think she actually said that she wants more children, but that if it were to happen it would be wonderful. Who are we to judge whether they have more children? That is a completely personal choice. Their children are on television, in front of the world, in the public eye.... do you really think they have anything to hide? Children don't lie. As parents we  can smile for the camera and pretend our children are wonderful, well rounded people ~ but as we all know....kids are the real testament to who we are, and what our homes are truly like. lol ~ their children come across as very happy, cared for and loved children.  It is what it is ~ more power to them. I don't think they are crazy if they were to have more children. ..... but I can't imagine raising all of those kids ~ I have 5 and I'm exhausted.

Angie Stone Flynn

20 kid's makes for more cash....Come on people, it's all for publicity....Take off the t.v. show, and see how many more kids they have...Their kids have made them rich....DUH.....

momav... momavanessa

They wont stop until something more tragic happens.

RanaA... RanaAurora

I am praying she hits menopause NOW.

I strongly dislike her... and that's me being incredibly nice.

Tay-B... Tay-Brittnie

I don't see why she would want to go through another pregnancy, but I guess it's her choice.  After having a baby THAT early, I would be wary about having another one.

nonmember avatar Megan

I think that Jim Bob and MIchelle are loving parents and that God gave them all the kids for a reason. My personal comment on a 20th child is they should wait a year or 2 before they have the 20th if they want too.

Caireen Caireen

My Uncle actually knows them and they had money before the T.V. show. It is not for money and they really do love their kids. They do not ask for money and will not recieve financial help (even though they don't need it) from people. He says that they can make it on their own. If the show went off air they would still be ok, because they already have money. You shouldn't talk about them being money hungry when you don't even know them.

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