How a Pregnant Woman Can Hold Up a Taco Joint With a Hammer

pregnant criminalA pregnant woman held up a taco joint this week.

With a hammer.

In her slippers.

And she was drunk.

Any of this sounding like your typical pregnancy? Maybe the slippers?


The story is sad, no doubt, as cops say Julie Bailey was after drug money.

Plus there's that whole "drunk and pregnant" thing.

Maybe it's better she committed a crime now and can be taken off the streets to get state-sponsored care for the sake of the baby.

But there's that perverse part of me that wonders how Bailey managed to disguise her bump so a description went out for a "heavyset" woman rather than a preggo.

Your typical robber only has to shield her face. Bailey had the bump to contend with.

There are some basic tenets of camouflaging your belly:

1. Avoid clothes that are too baggy or you'll look more pregnant.

2. Buy longer shirts to help cover it.

3. Stick to dark clothes in solid colors to minimize your center.

4. Support the empire -- empire waist anything, that is.

5. Opt for busy prints that are distracting (apparently Bailey pulled this one off -- she was wearing a flowered shirt).


Image via superbez/Flickr

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