Hide Pregnant Midriff: 3 More Belly-Unbaring Options

Bashful Bump bodysuit
The Bashful Bump preggo-onesie!
I’ve mentioned before that for whatever reason, Bella Bands just do not work for me. They always roll up over the top of my jeans, so my belly’s still exposed, and they never stay in place. So this standard must-have that all pregnant ladies recommend? Just doesn’t work for me.

And let's face it: I'm no Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, or even Monica Bellucci, all of whom looked great in their covergirl preggo-shoots.
Instead, I inspire horror: If my toddler sees my shirt riding up, she hollers, “No!” and tugs it down, then tugs her own top down over her (similar, though not pregnant) belly.
There are other options to cover your belly; recently, three more have come across my desk, so I thought I’d mention them in case you’ve got a rebel belly like mine.


The first is an interesting take on the genre: Bashful Bump maternity bodysuits ($68 to $72 at BashfulBump.com). So rather than going over the outside of your jeans, they’re the base level of protection between your belly and the elements (like my toddler’s onesies!). I’ve tried it, and it really is the only thing, besides a dress, that keeps me covered in my 38th week. The downside is that even though the crotch-snaps are easy to locate, it can be a challenge to re-snap them after a pee -- it feels a bit like finding your G-spot. But I got the hang of it. It’s available in thong and full-seat styles, and CafeMoms get a 15 percent discount with the code CAFE.
The Topless Undershirt from Blush
The Topless Undershirt from Blush
The second is, essentially, another take on the Bella Band. Their name is kind of hilarious: the Topless Undershirt, from Blush ($15 at Due Maternity). It seems to be longer than the Bella Band, and according to Due, it’s not built to try to hold your pants up -- so maybe the looser fit will work better and be less irritating.









Belly Ups
Belly Ups
The third option could come in handy long after your pregnancy, if you can deal with the odd feeling of your bra straining to meet your pants. Belly Ups ($12.50 at Amazon) are simple little elastic clips that can attach your pants to, well, your bra, like I said. Or, if you were me in the early ‘90s, you wore them at the back of your more loose-fitting dresses, to cinch them in and give yourself a waist. Or you wore them in the ‘80s, to add a stirrup to the bottom of your peg-leg pants so they’d stay in your elf boots. I’m saying: weird little suspenders always come in handy.






How do you cover your bare belly? Tell us in the comments!


Images via BashfulBump, Blush, and Amazon.

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