4 Ways to Keep Your Mother-in-Law Out of the Delivery Room


delivery roomHer Bad Mother's Catherine Connors isn't the first woman to badmouth her mother-in-law. She's just gotten a lot of attention for doing it on a blog post.

But her tale of her mother-in-law picking on the looks of her baby made me feel for all those pregnant ladies with monsters-in-law out there.

The last thing you need after pushing a watermelon out of a clementine-sized hole is someone telling you that beautiful bundle has a pointy nose.

So take heart ladies, there are ways to keep her away from the delivery room.

1. Talk to the Nurses. They are your first line of defense. They'll be willing to go to bat for you so you don't have to piss off Granny by telling her it's hospital policy that women with brown eyes can't come into the delivery room wearing green shirts on Fridays. Basically, they don't want the stress of her kvetching either.

2. Work the Childcare Angle. If this is pregnancy number 2 or later, tell Granny she's the most important person of the day -- for her other grandchild. It will keep her at bay at least as long as the hospital holds true to its no one under 18 allowed in the delivery room rule.

3. Don't Call Her. Let's face it, getting the word out about your labor is up to you and your partner. Do you want to apologize later or try to push with her face thisclose to your vag?

4. Play Up Breastfeeding. Breastfeeding advocates encourage placing a baby skin-to-skin with mom immediately after birth and keeping the visitors away for the first several hours after birth so mom and baby can practice. Tell her plainly she won't be allowed to see baby for several hours after the birth anyway; she needn't show up until she's called.

Is your mother-in-law coming into the room?


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sstepph sstepph

I went from 7 to 10 cm in like 10 minutes, so everyone was running to get back, she got there about 20 minutes into pushing.. came into see me, and then left so I could finish. I did't see anyone until maybe anhour after birth because I didnt want anyone in there w/ us when I was breastfeeding and bonding skin to skin with our son. It will be the same way when we have our 2nd.

Peajewel Peajewel

I did not have this problem because my MIL thought it was awful that I would let ANYONE in the labor, delivery room or even to visit me while in the hospital after giving birth.  She says "why would you want anyone in there when you don't have on your face?"  I tried to explain to her that it is perfectly okay because everyone knows that I am giving or just gave birth. 

KatieP. KatieP.

She came in, I told her to leave, end of story LOL. She was just kind of stunned but luckily she just turned around and left. If you don't want her there just tell her so.

LoriA... LoriAnn87

When I had my c section my in laws came up and I didn't want there at all because they would want to hold me and my husband son first but since he was a preemie at 34 weeks the nurses told she only can touch his fingers and not hold him cause they want the mom to be the first. While trying to recover both of my in laws were eating in my room and I was not feeling so I hear my mil say to me do you want us to leave and because me or my husband didn't answer they both said in the room eating there burger king how rude. Now that we are expecting baby number 2 no way in hell is my mil coming up to the hosptail at all because I don't want her there at all I just want it to be me, and my husband and after having the baby I want my husband to go home and bring up our son so he can see his baby brother or sister. And as for my in laws they can wait until we get home settled in and then we will call them to have them come over. My in law is rude.

niami... niamibunni

The last thing you want to hear is about how your baby looks like a monkey and have your nipples stared at in a really strange way while you struggle to breastfeed. 

paper... papercutout

My husband was the only one I allowed in the delivery room. Delivery is stressful and overwhleming enough. I would never even entertain the thought of allowing my MIL to be in the room. Never ever ever ever. Are we clear on that?

mommy... mommyof20507


My DF has two moms, a birth mom and a step mom, His birth mother isn't even allowed at my house or on my property.

Does that answer that? LOL

Tay-B... Tay-Brittnie

My mom will be in the delivery room and no one else is allowed in there for at least 20 minutes after my son is born.  My boyfriend will be at work more than likely or he'd be the exception.  I want those first few minutes to be mommy and baby bonding time, not "let's pass around the new baby of the family and get him all germy!"

Stowe... Stowell09

The only people that was allowed in the delivery room with me was my husband and my mom (couldn't do it with out her) Everyone else came in about an hour after our little girl was born had to have bonding time of just me her and the husband. Im so glad i dont have a monster in law shes so nice and respects others opinions.

angel... angelluvgoddess

I am the oppsite lol I wanted my MIL in there but I didnt want my mom in there. my mom can be a royal B at times and I didnt need her mouth or attitude so she wasnt allowed.. as for my MIL Shes like the mother I never had put it that way

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