Can a Pregnant Cop Still Do Her Job?

A lawsuit filed by six female police officers in Detoit was has been settled, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Apparently, the officers were asked inappropriate questions about pregnancy, when they planned to get pregnant and then once they were, they were assigned to desk duty.

According to the article:

Under the settlement, no employee or applicant will be asked if she is pregnant or anticipates being pregnant. Nor can the department assign an officer to desk duty because she is pregnant unless she requests it or force her to go on unpaid leave.

Granted I am not a police officer, so I have no idea what really goes on in the field. I also know that women should be able to make their own choices when they are pregnant and that I had very active pregnancies, but still. Call me crazy, but if you were a female police officer, might desk duty be a welcome change?

I realize being an officer is probably not like it is in the movies where people are shooting at you all day long and there is a gruff, but benevolent chief who always gets you our of trouble for being a little on the edge, but always following your hunches, but seriously, putting my feet up under a desk sounds better than driving around in a cramped car or chasing down thugs.

To each his or her own, of course.

So, naturally, the choice should be up to the officer, not to her commanding officer. Kudos to these women for standing up for their beliefs and for fighting discimination. But just so we are clear: if I get a pregnant again, I am going to want the desk job. Thanks.

What would you want if you were pregnant?


Image via insane photoholic/Flickr

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