Cyrus: Rate This Baby Name!

Cyrus Movie PosterIt’s getting all kinds of indie-movie buzz: A new flick called Cyrus features John C. Reilly, Marisa Tomei, and hilarious man-child Jonah Hill in an odd love triangle. Boy meets girl, boy falls for girl, boy meets girl’s grown and over-enmeshed son, and hilarity ensues.
My friend Susan has a Cyrus, so I excitedly called to tell her about the movie. “Huh, I haven’t heard of it,” she said. Frustrating! She also didn’t know about the Cyrus in my favorite bad movie, The Warriors! Am I pop-culture obsessed, or is she just more sensible than I am? (Or do twins rot your brain twice as fast? There’s that possibility, too.)
Anyway, I’m totally into Cyrus, or “Sah-wee” as my daughter calls him. How do we like it as a baby name?


Ya know, surprisingly, Cyrus is currently #520 in popularity, according to the Social Security Administration, and has consistently ranked between 450 and 850 for the past 100 years! It’s never been out of the top 1,000 names. I like that -- it’s not common, but it’s in consistent use.

Of course, that could be a tribute to the Persian community here in the USA. Cyrus is actually a common Iranian name -- my friend’s husband is Persian -- and it means “throne,” to commemorate Cyrus the Great, the founder of the Persian empire. Biblically, that same Cyrus is supposed to have freed the Jews, rebuilt the first temple in Jerusalem, and allowed them to return to Israel.
Celebrity Cyruses are few and far-between, besides the pop-culture ones I mentioned above. There was Cyrus Vance, Jimmy Carter’s Secretary of State. And Miley Cyrus. Er ... yeah.
There are 190 CafeMom boys named Cyrus, and homigod are they cute.

How do you rate the name Cyrus? Only for ethnic Persians, or good for everyone? Tell us in the comments!

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