Crowning Baby: Will You Look?

crowning babyI was poking around on Etsy for jewelry for a pregnant friend when I came across a clay necklace of a vagina with what's ostensibly a baby's head poking out.

Called "Crowning," it's supposed to represent that moment when baby makes his or her first arrival into the world.

I've watched enough pregnancy reality shows -- this is not my first rodeo.

But it's actually a sight I'm less familiar with than most mamas.


That's because I didn't look.

Before you call me a prude, it has nothing to do with sexuality or some Freudian distaste for my lady parts.

At that point I would have bared it in Macy's window just to get some sweet, sweet relief.

I was delivering my daughter vaginally, and when she crowned, the doctor made the offer to let me stop what I was doing and get a look-see. Racked in pain and puffing away, I remember telling him, "Uh, uh, no way, Doc."

I was so exhausted I just wanted her OUT of there. And taking a moment to take a gander was not my idea of motivation.

Some of my friends say it was the other way around for them; stopping to look at the head (usually in a mirror) made them feel like they were actually making progress and gave them that extra boost of energy to keep on pushing.

So do you plan to stop and smell the roses mid-push?


Image via Blessingway

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