Be a Baby Shower Star With the Ultimate Gift

ultimate baby shower giftThe baby swing, the seat, the high chair ... when you bring home your baby, you suddenly need an extra room just for all the stuff. Most of us didn't get a home with the "extra stuff room" but still need a soother, a feeder, and a "please sit there while I take a shower"-er.

Fisher-Price is pleasing the space-deprived parent with its new EZ Bundle, 4-in-1 Baby System. Hooray!

When they told me they were sending their new line of a high chair, baby seat, baby swing, and toddler seat, I thought I'd be greeting an overloaded UPS man at my door.


Instead, one normal-sized box arrived with everything inside I needed to create four crucial options for baby. First up is the infant seat, which can be used from birth to 25 pounds. Before you have a baby, you may not realize how important a seat for baby actually is, but it saved my butt on many occasions (think working at home, doing dishes, and yes, showering).

Once the baby is old enough to swing, you can pop in the bars (gotta love the easy snap-fit technology), remove the stand, and swing your baby 'til he's giggling. Moving on to solid foods, the EZ Bundle turns into a high chair you can use up to 50 pounds. If a toddler seat is also in the plans, you can convert the EZ Bundle into a reading spot for your tot.

I really wish I'd had this when my babies were born and we lived in a tiny apartment. It would have saved many a bruised knee and middle of the night fall. I think we spent $150 on our high chair alone! If someone had come through the door with this baby shower gift, I would have declared her a genius.

EZ Bundle 4-in-1 Baby System ($149.99) -- Babies 'R' Us


Image via Toys 'R' Us

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