Jennifer Aniston Adopts But You Probably Won't

jennifer anistonPeople like to pull a pity poor you act for Jennifer Aniston because she isn't pregnant yet.

Get over it folks: Guess what Jen just did that most pregnant women tell me they'd never do.

She adopted a new doggie for her family.

Ask any lady who brought home a dog during those 9 (10?) months, and she'll admit she was a bit crazy.


In fact my friend Dara calls it her "total crazy hormonal" moment when a beagle showed up in her yard, starving, skittish, with bloody paws and worn down teeth.

She was seven months pregnant and already had a chocolate lab. 

But she said, "Can we keep him?" and he's now part of the family.

"He has driven us crazy at times," Dara admits. "He howls, of course, as all beagles do, he digs, and he was hard to train and hard to catch for the first few years, especially since I had a baby to worry about and didn't spend much time trying to train him."

On the flip side? The family loves him to death -- including her two daughters.

Which is the common theme among all my friends who reflect on their moment of pregnant insanity.

Denise called her rescue pup her best friend during her stuck-at-home pregnancy, and today her two kids love the mutt to death. But don't think she didn't start moaning about the hair all over the house the minute her son started crawling.

My friend Amanda does have a positive bent for after-baby that's all about mom: "It was a little hectic at first, but it turned out to be a great experience because there wasn't any jealousy from our dogs once the baby arrived. They were so busy playing with each other, I'm not sure when they finally realized that there was a baby in the house."

Would you adopt a new puppy during your pregnancy?



Image via cristee12/Flickr

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