9 Months Pregnant & Teetering on Stilettos


Both Ali Larter and Christina Applegate have been dishing about pregnancy since revealing theirs in the past month, and both admit that even with all the changes, there is one thing they refuse to part with -- their stilettos.

I would have thought after Alicia Keys' fall last month that celebs would have learned their lesson, but apparently not.

I feel their pain, of course.

I'm 5'5", which makes me pretty much the runt in my family of women who are mostly 5'8" and above. I hate being the shortest (although I would also hate to be too tall), and for years felt like I needed to wear four-inch heels almost everywhere.

Over the course of my shoe habit, I amassed no less than 100 pairs of high heels, but then two things happened: I became a pretty serious runner and I got knocked up.

For the first few months of my pregnancy, I sported the heels, but soon, I was also sporting toe, knee, and Achilles problems from the extra weight. So I switched to flats, assuming I would return to my heels after the pregnancy.

But then a funny thing happened. I had a baby.

And suddenly, trips to the park and long walks became my life and quite frankly, a cute pair of four-inch Stuart Weitzmans aren't conducive to mile-long walks with the stroller in tow, so I have had to improvise with flats. This isn't to say that I don't own a hot pair of six-inch, black patent leather, knee-high, Italian boots (drool). I do. But I wear them approximately once every few months. At the park, I'm much more likely to sport these babies:


Flats can be very cute and also very park/pregnancy-friendly. So if Ali Larter and Christina Applegate change their minds, I have lots of ideas.

Are you wearing heels during pregnancy?

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madfoot madfoot

I'm all about the wedges since I had a kid. That's as heel-y as I can get. But at the moment, at 38 weeks, I can't fit my feet into anything but shower-sandals and Uggs! PUFFY!

LoriA... LoriAnn87

nope i wore maryjanes, sneakers or flip flops.

Iluva... Iluvautumn

If your feet are not too swollen I see no reason why someone could not wear heels while pregnant. We all have our own style. Alicia Keys fell??!

sodapple sodapple

i wore them until they didn't fit =-)

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