Half-Price Sale Alert: Super-Stylish Workout Clothes

fit2bmom saleBoth times I was pregnant, I was couch potato extraordinaire. Early and late in pregnancy, I was so fatigued I couldn't get through the day without a nap, so actually working out was laughable. While I enjoyed that wonderful second trimester energy boost, I tended to employ it for insane nesting behaviors versus working out, but hey, my baseboards have never been so clean before or since.

Some women, though, stay just as active during their pregnancies as they were before. Based on my not-at-all scientific survey of my friends and family, those are the people who bounce back physically and look great very soon after giving birth. And here's another reward for you women of steel: Zulily is running a terrific sale on Fit2BMom active wear.


We're talking 50 percent off, or more, on this normally kind of pricey gear. Some of it would work beautifully outside the gym as well. I like the three-quarter sleeve tees and the cami tanks.

Cute workout wear is nearly impossible to find in maternity sizes, so scoring it, on sale no less, is quite a coup. These clothes look soft and comfy and would be just as nice for chilling on the couch as they would be for hitting the gym -- just saying. The sale ends Tuesday and Zulily deals tend to sell out quickly, so don't wait too long. You'll have to join Zulily to shop, but I'm a member and can vouch they don't overload you with emails and have some nice deals on hard to find kids' clothes.


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