Funny Abortion Blog Title: A Pro-Lifer's Dream Come True

When I first heard that someone who called herself "Leggo My Preggo" was going to be live blogging her abortion, detailing every step "from consultation through termination," I kind of wanted to vomit.

It wasn't that I'm not pro-choice. I am.

It wasn't even that I think detailing something like that is bad, necessarily. It could be good for someone also going through it (or considering it). After all, it will (hopefully) follow the process honestly and help people make what is likely the most difficult decision of their lives a little easier.

What bothered me was the name -- "Leggo My Preggo." It's cute, it's funny, and it's about abortion, which is neither of those things.


The posts themselves are interesting and informative, but I can't get past the name or even some of the callousness in the blog itself. I worry that by doing this, she is satisfying the fears of those who oppose abortion rights by confirming that women do make these decisions lightly and then resume their daily activities.

I know that isn't true. There isn't a single woman I know who had an abortion who doesn't think about it every single day (even more than a decade later). There isn't a single woman I know who had an abortion who doesn't grieve on some level for the life that never was.

Abortion is a complicated, painful, gut-wrenching experience, a choice I am forever grateful I was never forced to make. And yet, here is this blog, with its silly title, offering to share her experience and help other people, but doing so with a name like "Leggo My Preggo." 

Leggo My Preggo had this to say:

I would hope that someone would read past the silly username and see my well thought out ideas. I'm the opposite of flippant about this.

To be perfectly honest, there is this pizza place in town called Craig-O's. I used to make these jokes like "I'm preggo for Craigo's." So when I was trying to think of a throwaway username (I should note that I love themey/memey/punny/funny/dorky usernames and my regular one is not any of those), that stupid rhyme popped in my head, I found it sort of humorous, and went with it.

To her, I would say: Sometimes the personal is political. Sometimes you have to be careful because you're representing millions of people in your writing and you have just confirmed anti-abortion activists' worst fears.

Anyone who cares enough should read deeper, as it's clear she's using humor to escape the gravity of the situation and she's taking it very seriously, indeed. Some might argue that even the act of blogging about it shows how seriously she takes it because it's her attempt to process it, help others deal with the same issue, and inform the public.

But the title (the title!). I understand using humor to deal with scary things, but I don't get this title. And I just can't get past it.

What do you think?

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