5 Hand-Me-Downs to Skip When You're Pregnant

pregnantThe best reason to announce you're pregnant on Facebook? People start lining up to give you free stuff.

Because nothing takes up room in your house like baby gear.

But while you're wallowing in the money you'll be saving by knocking all those must-haves off your registry, here are a few hand-me-downs where it's perfectly OK to say "thanks but no thanks."


1. Breast Pump. Not only is the standard breast pump not approved for use by more than one mom by the FDA, the folks at Medela tell The Stir that the vacuum in the pumps actually wear down over time. So what worked for your friend might not give you the same suction as it did her.

2. Car Seat. Car seats are subject to recalls, which means it's hard to assess if an older model is safe. Also of concern: Car seats should not be used after they've been involved in a crash or if anything on the seat has broken. It's better to be safe than sorry, so skip the gift.

3. Crib. Because of the growing number of recalls on baby cribs, it's becoming more difficult to assess what's safe and what isn't. Also be aware that even a newer crib was disassembled by the first set of parents, and now you're reassembling it -- often without instructions. If it's not put together correctly, it can create a major hazard for baby.

4. Cloth Diapers. Sure, they've been washed, but uric acid can build up on the fabric. The National Association of Diaper Services estimates the average cloth diaper is only used 100 or so times (although it has great second life as a rag!).

5. Pacifiers. As these age, the rubber becomes worn and can easily dislodge from the plastic base, presenting a choking hazard to baby. They're cheap; buy your own.

What hand-me-down did you turn down?

Editor's Note: This article has been edited to reflect the resource for cloth diapering information.

Image via love♡janine/Flickr

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