Baby Born at 23 Weeks Could Be World's Second Youngest Preemie

nicuAbortion rights activists get ready, get set: There's a new kink in the pro-choice/pro-life battle and her name is Amelia Hope Burden.

The baby girl was born when her mother was just 23 weeks and 2 days pregnant.

That's 5 days before the mark for a standard abortion here in the United States and in Burden's native England.


British newspapers are speculating Amelia is the nation's youngest preemie to actually survive, but she's not quite the world's youngest. 

That distinction seems to belong to an American girl named, coincidentally, Amillia, who was born in 2006 after just 22 weeks gestation.

Apparently the name means "striving" or "industrious." Appropriate for these little girls whose bodies are working so hard to survive.

Amelia Hope's mom remained pregnant for another 10 days before giving birth to her twin brother, Arthur, who was a whopping 2 ounces bigger at 1 pound, 4 ounces.

The case is creating a major controversy in Britain where politicians are pushing to change the abortion limit to earlier in pregnancy -- closer to 20 weeks.

Adding a little irony? The study that confirmed a baby aborted before 24 weeks feels no pain -- which is actually a feather in the cap of the pro-choice side -- also comes straight out of Britain.

Who knew someone so little could cause so much controversy?


Image via Stacy Lynn Photography/Flickr

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