Two Wombs. Two Babies. One Freaked-Out Mom.

Double Uterus
But the singlemost flavorful double in the world is ...
Here’s one for the WTF files: A woman in Utah, Angie Cromar, has a rare condition, “uterus didelphyus,” in which she has two wombs. Apparently they’re both connected and in working order, because even though she’s already had three kids (ages 8, 4, and 2), she’s now about 20 weeks along with two babies -- one in each womb! According to her doctor, this has happened 100 times. Ever. Because the chances of it happening are one in 5 million.

The kids have due dates about one week apart, and they’re both developing at a normal rate.

I’m just ... really, this raises more questions than it answers.

  • Did all her previous kids come from the same womb, or has she been switching off?
  • How’s the delivery going to work? Can she have either one vaginally?
  • How does her period work? Does she get two periods per month? Does she ovulate into a different uterus each time?
  • How does each uterus connect to the vagina? Does she have a single set of fallopian tubes and ovaries?

Of course, all of this is none of my freakin’ business, and I hope this woman will have her kids in good health. But wow.

And a few clicks of my mouse reveal that in 2006, a British woman had triplets in her two uteruses, twins in one and a singleton in the other. And an Israeli woman had the same thing happen in 1981 -- though only two survived, and were delivered 72 days apart.

Well, and holy crap: Josephine Myrtle Corbin, born in 1868 in Tennessee, had an extra body below the waist and had five kids, three from one side and two from the other. Which kind of makes you wonder, until you force yourself to stop wondering and, you know, go “la la la la la” until you’ve forgotten the whole thing.

Suddenly two uteruses don’t seem like a big deal. And Nature? No more beers for you.

Image via Cindy Funk/Flickr

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