5 Wacky Pregnancy Products That Really Work


When those two lines show up, you immediately become part of a very coveted demographic. Marketers know that our insane hormones plus our rapidly changing bodies make us susceptible to all sorts of product pitches. Many are useful, some are useless, and then there are the ones that make you snicker until the exact moment they become lifesavers.

Here's a roundup of some especially weird-looking pregnancy items that could actually make your nine months a lot easier.

razor reachThe Razor Reach: It's essentially an extension for your razor handle that helps you shave when you can't bend over. Personally this was never a problem for me, but then I was mega-pregnant in winter both times. That means no shaving above the knee in my chilly part of the world. If shorts wearing and a big belly are both part of your life, this could really help.



snoogleThe Snoogle Pillow: I took one look at this the first time I saw one during my first pregnancy and just howled with laughter. It's hard enough to get out of bed and shift into a comfortable position without some floppy pillow wound around you like a tentacle, I thought. Then my second, and much more uncomfortable, pregnancy hit and OMG I would have killed for one of these and their snuggly support.

Maternity Shapewear: Yes, I always thought the whole point of shapewear was to hide what pregnancy does to your abs after you have the baby, but maternity shapewear supports the belly and also boosts your butt and slims your thighs. As someone who spent the first several months of pregnancy looking like I was carrying the baby in my butt, these would have been a lifesaver when I had to look nice for an event.

belly cradleBelly Cradle: Yes, it looks like a jockstrap and is probably an athletic event to get into when you're eight months pregnant. But after my son spent the last month of his gestation riding on my pelvis, I can imagine something other than your own body supporting all that weight would be a Godsend.

pregnancy test caddyPregnancy Test Caddy: I have two positive pregnancy tests saved in my memory box. And like many of you, I can acknowledge it's, well, kinda gross. I'm not sure this pretty little pouch from EPT makes it any less gross, but at least it can make you feel better about it. Or something.


What's your most whackadoo pregnancy purchase?

Images (top to bottom) via Razor Reach, Amazon.com, Target.com, The Gentle Nest, ept

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TLParker TLParker

For me, it was a Belly Band. It kept me in my pre-pregnancy clothes a little longer, kept my maternity clothes from falling down, and then got me back into my pre-pregnancy clothes a little faster after baby was born.

hotic... hoticedcoffee

I had a Snoogle.  That thing ROCKED.  I actually would've kept using it after both my kids were born, just because it was so comfy - my own little nest.  My husband couldn't take it, though - that pillow hogged up way to much real estate for him to be 'understanding' when I was no longer growing a human.

RanaA... RanaAurora

The pillow.  I bought a different one but it was SO worth the ridiculous $50.

MamaM... MamaMindx

The belly cradle seems to be a very good idea when you get large and in charge as my DH says lol,I am gonna maybe give that a try f I get bad backaches like i did with my DD.

Jenn Myers

I have a preggle it's just like a snoogle. totally worth the $40 :) I love it, it's replaced my husband.

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