The Financial Abortion: Do Guys Get an Out?

financial abortionWe've all heard the convenient excuse story of the woman who gets pregnant to "trap" a guy.

But a controversial new plan to offer men a "financial abortion" conveniently forgets that the so-called trap still includes a man introducing his sperm into a woman's vagina.

Cord Jefferson laid out the plan that would allow guys an out if they made clear they didn't want a baby in The Root recently, based on a Brown University researcher's idea.


"What if a man who has made it perfectly clear in advance that he does not want to be a father, is able to walk away from any and all financial obligations if his partner does become pregnant against his wishes? Would 'choice' extend to him as well? Would that cut down on the number of children living without their biological fathers?"

See what they're doing there? Using a woman's right to "choose" against her?

The basic logic of a contract that gives the guy an out is undermined by this simple fact: A man who has sex has the ability to prevent pregnancy just as easily as a woman.

So even if she says she's on the pill, has a diaphragm, has an IUD, he has an equal responsibility to wrap that sucker if he really doesn't want to make a baby.

Where there is sex, there is always the possibility for a baby.

And where there is a desire to not have a baby, there is always the responsibility to keep it from happening.

So how does one hold a financial abortion -- a pre-written contract -- up in court? How does one prove who failed to keep up their end of the bargain ... when sex, the simple act necessary to create a baby, happened?

Even women who are on the pill, IUD, etc., can suffer at the hands of a lack of efficacy. Is it then her fault that the pill was less effective because she was overweight? On antibiotics?

How is a woman to be compensated for the risks that pregnancy puts on a body, for the change in her life? Should women who don't plan pregnancies now be able to sue men for the loss of their figure, for the price of a tummy tuck?

Is there ever room for a financial abortion?


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