Twilight Birth: The More Graphic the Better

Breaking Dawn book coverGiving birth isn't exactly fun, and many of us know, but giving birth to a demon or a monster must be a lot worse. Stop reading right now (spoilers! spoilers!) and definitely don't click to the next page if you haven't read the final Twilight book Breaking Dawn.


If you're here, you probably already know the details leading up to the birth of Bella's baby, so I'll just skip that part. But essentially, the vampire heroine gets into a bit of a predicament delivering the love of her life's partly human child. You know all those horror stories from women who deliver 9, 10 and 11 pound babies? It's like that. Then picture giving birth to a baby that size who developmentally is just like a toddler. It's like that, too.

All this makes for a dramatic movie scene, and the film's screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg recently told Starpulse that she hopes the birth in the The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn sequel will be graphic. "The childbirth, I feel, should be on screen," she said.

As this scene is a critical turning point of the novel, I don't see any way to avoid that. But the producer and director can definitely control how much they show. Childbirth is graphic anyway. There's blood, gore, gnashing teeth, swearing, surgery, pain, and misery. There's the potential for this and more in the Twilight scene.

I say the more the better. Tweens and younger watch these movies. The more producers can make this scene look sensationally unreal, ridiculous even, the more it will distance its young viewers from the reality that hopefully they won't have to confront themselves for many years. On the other hand, it could also scare them silly, which is another benefit in an of itself.

Should the Twilight birth scene be as graphic as possible? Are you concerned about your young daughter seeing it?

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