Pregnancy Parking Is Overrated

pregnancy parkingPregnancy parking at the local grocery store is just more proof that corporate America has recognized women hold the American purse strings.

And it's just more proof that corporate America doesn't get us.

Sure, a parking spot right near the front door sounds like a great thing.

We've been teasing our handicapped friends about borrowing their pass for years. But let me ask you something: when do you really need that stork spot?


When you're pregnant and perfectly able to walk on your own two feet more than a few hundred feet into the store?

Or when you've got an antsy toddler trailing you across a crowded parking lot and a hungry baby shrieking in her carseat/carrier in the front of the cart?

The pregnancy parking spot is nice. But it would be a heckuva lot nicer if it was a parenting parking spot.

The same goes for the pregnancy checkout lane. Yes, the pregnancy checkout lane. I thought they were an urban legend until a friend reported toddling through in her heavily pregnant state while on vacation.

It was nice to pick get in and out, but she admitted to feeling a bit like she was supposed to be loading the conveyor with pickles and ice cream to evidence some insanely urgent craving rather than her staid old loaf of bread and cold cuts for a picnic in the park.

What I wouldn't give for a parents-only checkout lane, complete with an entirely blank wall on either side to protect us from the Dum Dums, gum and the gimme gimmes.

Corporate America is still failing miserably on giving women their due in terms of adequate maternity leaves and proper places to pump. So how about an exchange?

We'll give up the stork spots and the prego pass lane. You treat us like human beings with real needs when the baby comes, not frail delicate creatures up until the day we pop.

Do your local stores kowtow to pregnant women?


Image via HeyRocker/Flickr

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