Celine Dion Twin Pregnancy: Words of Warning From Other Moms

Celine Dion is pregnant with twins (boys, it would seem) and she is, naturally, over the moon with excitement, but a twin pregnancy is not the same as a singleton one (duh).

Twin pregnancies bring many challenges. Think all the symptoms of pregnancy times two: more tired, more weight gain. And they are also carefully monitored and tend to go earlier than singleton pregnancies, so very often, the mom is left at the end caring for two premature newborns.

For moms with older children to care for as well, a twin pregnancy can be especially challenging.

So, in honor of Celine, I have asked moms of twins with older children (like the Canadian singer) to weigh in with advice for moms in the same situation.


Twin mom, Amy, whose daughter was three when she brought home the twin boys said:

 "With the twins I lost 15 pounds in the first trimester. I was always vomiting and could not keep anything (besides Mrs. T's Perogies) down. Second, around 23 weeks I had problems with my blood pressure and blood sugar dropping. I would become light headed and at times pass out because of this. My OB said that when a woman is pregnant with a boy, more nutrients is taken from her than with a girl. Since I was carrying two boys, I had to eat more frequently to keep up with the demand."

Twin mom Kristi Gaylord who also had an older child, said: 

It is perfectly normal to feel a sense of sorrow over the way your first child's life is about to be turned upside down. The addition of one newborn changes a family forever. The addition of two brings even more challenges. I spent a lot of time worrying about how my barely two-year-old daughter would adjust to being unseated by two babies. I had two arms and three children under the age of three. How could I ever care for them when I was alone? I cried a lot over this, given that my daughter was still a baby herself. But in the end, she adjusted beautifully and I realized that toddlers are more resilient than I thought."

Twin mom Kristen Fitzpatrick had two pregnancies, a singleton and then her twins, who shared an amniotic sac. Here is her advice:

"You just can't plan ahead for anything. At 20 weeks I found out I was having twins. At 22 weeks I found out they were in the same amniotic sac and would need to be born via c-section.  At 24 weeks their cords were so entangled I was admitted to the hospital. At 32 they were born via emergency c-section (only 1 day before scheduled!) since I went into labor. Unpredictable the whole way through. Buy the book Preemies so you're prepared for worst case scenario; definitely made it easier on me."

Any moms out there have additional advice?

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