'True Beauty' Pregnant Smoker Test: Ridiculous!

If you saw a pregnant woman drinking and smoking, what would you do?

That was the dilemma the "beauties" on ABC's show True Beauty were faced with Monday evening. The show is a reality show based on a ruse -- the beauties think they are being judged on poise and appearance, while the judges secretly rate them on their "inner beauty" (as though that can actually be categorized) based on a series of "tests."

One week the test was whether they would help a stranger who lost her engagement ring. For another it was whether they would take a photo of a couple when they were in a hurry.

The show is dumb, dumb, dumb and I mostly question why I even watch it, but nothing compares to last night's challenge.

***Spoilers ahead***


The beauties were placed in an elevator on their way to the blackjack tables. Beside them was a heavily pregnant woman (an actress) engaged in drinking and smoking. They were to be judged on whether they explained what she was doing was wrong.

When I saw this in the preview a couple days ago, I actually laughed out loud. Because come on? What pregnant woman doesn't already feel that her belly and its contents are public property?

I am pro abstaining from liquor and ciggies during pregnancy, but does the fact that I would sooner stomp on a stranger's bare toe than tell them they were doing something "bad" make me ugly inside?

I think not.

So, again, for hopefully the last time, the pregnant woman's Bill of Rights: Just because I am knocked up does not give you the right to tell me what to drink, eat, or wear. It also does not give you the right to touch my belly (ew!) or stare at me with your mouth agape saying things like, "Are you sure there aren't three in there?"

Please just smile, tell me how happy pregnancy makes you or, if I am making you uncomfortable, say nothing at all.

Thank you.

Would you feel "beautiful" in calling a preggo out?

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