This TV Show Scares Girls Off Teen Pregnancy

Between Bristol Palin, Gloucester pregnancy pacts and several new shows on television, it seems teen pregnancy is all the rage these days.

A recent Reuters article shows that teen pregnancy did have an increase four years ago after being on the decline for much of the preceding decades. Obama has since cut funding to "abstinence only" education, shifting funds to pregnancy prevention education that include abstinence along with "medically accurate and age-appropriate" information.

But I think all a sex-ed class needs to do is steer their students away from shows like Glee and Secret Life of the American Teenager, both of which glamorize teen pregnancy and steer them back onto MTV's 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom.

Teen Mom, which comes back for a second season this month, does NOT glamorize teen pregnancy. I have almost never made it through a show without crying.


In fact, I find the show to be one of the most compelling, honest portrayals of parenthood on television today.

The moms -- Macy, Amber, Farah and Caitlyn -- struggle with all the things we struggle with -- lugging the diapers, juggling the work schedules, trying to have a social life, sleeping less, but they do it with less help from the fathers (in almost every case) and with less education than many of us older parents.

It is one of the most interesting and painful things on television and I dare those who call it "schlock" or "reality garbage" to tune in for the full season and see if you do not kind of fall in love (and also kind of dislike at times) these families.

With all the hype about teen pregnancy these days, this show should be required viewing for our nation's youth.

Have you seen the show? Are you glad it is coming back?


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