Megan Fox Insists She's NOT Pregnant

Megan Fox

Megan Fox just got married, for goodness sakes, but the celebrity press are now jumping on assertions that the Transformers star is pregnant with husband Brian Austin Green's baby.

In fact, some tabloid sites are reporting that the pregnancy is why Fox secretly married Brian Austin Green during a private ceremony in Hawaii last month. In fact, this is the only thing to back up the claim as well as I'm aware. I've not seen any paparazzi shots of a Fox "baby bump" lately.


I'm inclined to believe Megan Fox, whose rep said point blank that the claims are "not true." Many stars like Kelly Preston and Alicia Keys throw out a "no comment" until they are ready to break the news to their adoring public. Few stars actually say they are not when they are ... that's just bad form and it's also bad luck. At least it would be for me. I'd just find a way to dodge the question.

Then again, as one blog reported, this is the same woman who said she wouldn't get married for 20 years either, and look what happened ...


Image via aznviolaguy/Flickr

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