LeBron: Baby Name of the Day

basketball baby LeBron James is headed to Miami. Finally ... after too much speculation by everyone and anyone interested in basketball — the man has made a decision and has shared it with the rest of us. I can once again open up my Twitter feed without seeing dozens of worried hopeful posts about where LeBron will end up.
Look, people, I am trying to be a good wife, so I follow a bunch of sporty tweeters. And it took me weeks to figure out that when people mentioned LeBron, our Baby Name of the Day, they weren't talking about Lyndon B. Johnson. But man, even I know that everyone is talking about LeBron James, arguably the best basketball player since Jordan and all over the news this week — which culminated in a one-hour special on ESPN last night to announce his move to the Miami Heat.
Here’s what I wonder: How do we like the name LeBron?


First of all, I like it a lot better when we ditch the random capitalization. That’s in the same category as the random Y to make girls’ names more “interesting” -- unnecessary. Love it or leave it, I say!
That being said, Lebron is a strong, masculine name. All it means, literally, is “the brown” in French. In fact, it’s a common French surname and even has a family crest.
It sounds like the Scottish name Labhrainn, which is a version of Laurence.
But let’s face it: This is an uncommon name, and everyone will say, “Like the basketball player?” if you choose it -- at least for now. It’s never been in the top 1,000 names collected by the Social Security Administration, but there are 13 CafeMoms whose sons sport this sporty moniker.
What do you think of the name LeBron? Will he be like Mike in more ways than one? Tell us in the comments!

Photo via Kristina_1988/CafeMom

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