Boss to Pregnant Worker: 'You're Inconvenient'

In Australia, a printing company called Wongtas replaced a clerical assistant, Jiongqui Ye, just weeks after she revealed she was pregnant, saying she had ''caused a lot of inconvenience."

According to the Sydney Morning Herald:

Having suffered complications that resulted in the loss of her baby, Ms. Jiongqui, 36, was then allegedly demoted and eventually fired.

Turns out, she is not alone.


According to the Sydney Morning Herald:

The launching of a landmark case against Wongtas -- using new workplace laws for the first time -- and a major information campaign to tackle pregnancy-related discrimination, produced a flurry of stories on web forums and talkback radio.

''When I was 24 weeks' pregnant I was asked by my employer to conceal my bump,'' one Sydney mother said on the MumSpace discussion page on Facebook. ''My bump was … covered skin-wise, but they didn't want clients to know I was pregnant.''

Another mother, who wished to be known as Shelly, said that her employer in Toowoomba required her to sign a sickness report at the start and finish of each day and she was made to feel that her pregnancy was an ''inconvenience."

''I was already apprehensive … because I had had two miscarriages, and they made me feel like this beautiful little being growing inside me was an illness,'' Shelly said.

Wow. On the one hand, I am glad to know we are not alone in the States with these issues, and that women can triumph over it (see the George Lucas pregnancy discrimination suit). On the other, it is so disheartening to see.

Did you ever experience anything like these women? If so, what did you do?

Image via Banalities/Flickr

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