Groin Pain in Pregnancy? Could Be a Broken Hip

I am definitely not laughing at the "I've fallen and I can't get up" commercial again. There's a new trend in hip injuries where the victims are new moms.

The injury can occur during pregnancy or in the act of childbirth. Cartilage that surrounds their hip tears due to all the extra weight and pressure. Pregnant moms often think the problem is typical pregnancy discomfort and don't investigate the problem further until the pain becomes unbearable.


Says arthroscopic surgeon Dr. Benjamin G. Domb in the Chicago Sun-Times:

Women who endure a labral tear typically experience pain in the groin or on the front or side of the hip. Unfortunately, by the time many women finally get around to taking care of a childbirth-induced hip injury, they've already endured months of unnecessary pain.

Pregnant and new moms are at risk for a number of injuries because during pregnancy, the body secretes a hormone called relaxin, which causes ligaments to loosen, allowing the baby to pass through the birth canal. This makes the pregnant or new mom at risk for all kinds of injuries to the back, knee, and other vulnerable spots.

As for the hip concerns, Dr. Domb says:

The key for all women is to listen to their bodies and take preventative measures to avoid injuries, particularly at a time of life that demands full strength.

It seems our hips really don't lie, ladies, and we don't have to shake them like Shakira to end up injuring them.

Did any of you have hip injuries (or injuries in general) during pregnancy?


Image via cobblucas/Flickr

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