5 Hottest Celebrity Baby Shower Gifts

tiki themed baby shower cupcakesFew of us can afford the trendy, expensive baby gear that celebrities indulge in during pregnancy, but we can always dream ... and try to find a cheapo substitute at Target or Walmart. Jessica Denay, celebrity baby shower planner and author of the Hot Mom to Be Handbook, has the inside scoop on what celebrity moms-to-be put on their registries.

Here are 5 of the trendiest wants among the Hollywood set right now:




Fuzzi Bunz diapersFuzziBunz Diapers

Hollywood moms are more eco-conscious now than ever, and many are opting for a trendy cloth diaper called FuzziBunz. It's available in a "one size" or "perfect size" choice for $20 apiece. Check out FuzziBunz Diapers on YouTube. Hollywood couples including Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves are big fans of these reusable diapers, which are waterproof, contain no velcro, and use a patented pocket technology to contain baby messes.


Heidi Klum hospital bag

Heidi Klum's Hospital Bag

Four-time model mom Heidi used a hospital bag like this one that's now featured in her Loved by Heidi Klum collection for Motherhood Maternity. At $34, anyone can afford to place it on their registry. One trendy item Heidi and numerous other celebrities pack in their bags -- a Cord Blood Registry Kit. Cord blood banking has become very popular with Hollywood moms, Denay says, as some of the biggest A-list parents use this registry. If you're a celebrity with lots of money, why not? But many experts warn these registries promise a lot more than they can currently deliver.



Posh Mommy loop necklacePosh Mommy Jewelry

Push presents, the gift Daddy gives Mommy after a labor and birth, are also all the rage in Hollywood. Tom Cruise is said to have given Katie pink and white diamond earrings when Suri was born, and Jennifer Lopez reportedly received an eight-carat diamond ring when the twins arrived, Denay says. There are many great and affordable options to commemorate the birth or give as a shower gift, including Posh Mommy Jewelry, which engraves the baby's name and birthstone into necklaces and bracelets. They also have cool dog tags for dad with prices starting at $50. Brooke Burke is a huge fan of the Posh Mommy line.



shatobu body shaperShaToBu Body Shaper

Celebrities look awesome pregnant, and they seem to get their post-baby bodies back into shape in no time. "I'm not sure some of the celebrity moms who use it would want me spilling their secret, but one of the hottest new products and Hollywood mom secrets is the ShaToBu, a body shaper that shapes, tones, and burns calories while you wear it," Denay says. Belly Bandits are also popular, as they help tighten and shrink your belly after giving birth. Kourtney Kardashian loved her Belly Bandit so much she created her own limited edition version.




Micralite Foldfast Stroller

Micralite FastFold Stroller

Strollers are one of the hottest accessories for celeb moms, since they are always being snapped pushing one in the tabloids. One of the newest strollers that celebrity moms including Trista Sutter are loving is the Micralite FastFold -- it's stylish, super-lightweight, and most importantly, easy to open and close. Unfortunately, at $350, it also carries a celebrity price tag.


Will the celeb mom in you be registering for any of these hot gifts?


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