Things That Feel Just Like Pregnancy -- But Aren't

Kelis -- most famous for her song "Milkshake" and the drama of her own pregnancy -- has compared releasing her Flesh Tone album to being pregnant.

The singer released her album on July 6 and tweeted: "Headed back to [New York], album comes out tomorrow! Woohoo! I feel pregnant all over again (minus the heart burn and spherical shape;)"

The comment got me thinking about all the very many things in our lives that are "like pregnancy."

Number one, of course, is our period because, well, duh. We get all of the symptoms -- the bloating, the cramping, the hormones -- and none of the fun (the baby).

Others include:


Starting a new job: This is a lot like pregnancy in the sense that there is often a lot of buildup and sending out resumes, which is a lot like starting prenatal vitamins and prepping one's body for pregnancy. Soon, you are interviewing, which is much like "trying" only less fun. Then you have the waiting period after the second interview and before the offer, which is a lot like the two-week wait between the sex and the pee-stick. Finally, even when the job (and the baby) is yours, there is a learning curve that can make it seem like the biggest mistake ever. At least for the first month or so.

Running a marathon: I'm a runner and every big race is like having a baby. One trains and practices, pushing their bodies past where they believed they could go. And then, at the end, there is a physical event so brutal and intense, one wonders throughout it why they even did it in the first place. Finally, there is a high and a glory that make every bit of the struggle well worth it.

Getting a tattoo: For me, there were three years of planning before my tattoo. My husband and I designed it together to be something that only made sense to us. We practiced and did trial runs and finally, we permanently altered ourselves with a painful event and came out the other side as slightly changed people.

Thanks to Kelis I now realize everything is a little like being pregnant. Minus the stretch marks and heartburn.

What are some things you think are "just like being pregnant"?

Image via Wicked S/Flickr

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