Alicia Keys Falling Reminds Pregnant Mamas to Step Off Those Stilettos

Back oh, about six years ago, I loved a pretty pair of heels.

Being a klutz, though, I never attempted the four-inch skyscrapers that a very pregnant Alicia Keys recently fell off of while performing at the Essence Music Festival over the holiday weekend, even when not with child.

Once my body started changing during pregnancy, it was mostly flats or low heels for me.


Pregnancy changes your gait, center of gravity, and general balance, which makes heels a bad choice.

It's hard enough to walk in them when not pregnant, since they shorten your stride, thrust all your weight forward, and push up your butt. In other words, it's their very sexiness that makes them a bad idea once you start to show and have to contend with balancing your new body aboard those shaky stilettos.

Let's face it, between the swollen ankles and the varicose veins, you're not looking as good in them as you hope, anyway, so the misery isn't really worth it. And with your glorious belly front and center, you're not the only one who isn't really seeing your feet!

Keys, with her classy, urban style, is never going to be a frumpy mom no matter how low her heels go. I say, Alicia, put the heels in the closet until after the baby comes and show the rest of us how a stylish mama can rock the flats. Maybe moms like me, who look longingly at the pretty shoes before slipping on my frumpy, flat, but unlikely-to-cause-a-fall sandals, could pick up a tip or two!

Did you have to change your style once you got pregnant?

Image via U-g-g-B-o-y-(Photograph-World-Sense-)/Flickr


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