The Baby Shower Gift She'll Be Thankful For

baby thank you notesThere's one solid way to worm your way into a mom-to-be's good graces.

Or at least guarantee some good smooching time with that little bundle.

Slip a pack of thank-you notes into her baby shower gift bag with this note: "Call me, I'll help fill these out."


Trust me.

Because after I had my shower, I had a mountain of thank-you notes to write.

Not only does the cost of those little cards add up (a stamp is 44 cents these days people!) when the mom-to-be is trying to save every cent for diapers, but here's a hard fact for plenty of pregnant ladies: Your hands hurt.

Pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel syndrome it's called, and according to my OB/GYN, it's the result of swelling.

I split the duties with my husband to get those thank-yous out, but I was jazzed to find a pack in my goodies from my friends -- they were even Classic Pooh to match my nursery theme.

I've seen plenty of cute ones out there; I even snagged the onesie off a set like these that my friend sent out to use on an art project for my daughter's birth announcement.

Have you ever seen gift cards given as part of the shower gift?


Image via Gracie Girl Notes

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